SSL certificate issues (sectigo + Cloudflare)

I just installed my (just renewed) sectigo certificate on my apache2 (ubuntu) webhost for my site trader47(dot)com

this certificate should be expiring next year:
6/10/2025 it says in my cheapsslshop admin panel …

However, after restarting apache2 service (and purging cloudflare cache), in my chrome browser when inspecting the certificate I am getting “expiry Friday 28 June”
(also that it was issued 30 March, which is also not true. Also, that it’s using Lets Encrypt?!)

Also here getting “expiry in 42 days”: SSL Checker

Is Cloudflare interfering with my SSL certificate?

My CF settings for the domain is as follows:

If your DNS record is proxied, then Cloudflare’s edge receives requests from visitors to your site - the Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate secures that connection. Those requests are handled according to your Cloudflare settings and then Cloudflare makes its own request to your origin which is secured using your origin (Sectigo) certificate.


Ensure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” here so everything is secured…


Awesome thanks @sjr that makes perfect sense then and explains the behaviour …much appreciated!

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