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I am new here. I have just created an account on Cloudflare & have activated the flexible SSL certificate. It shows the Status as “Activate Certificate”.

I have installed Really Simple SSL plugin in my wordpress site & enabled that. It detected the SSL & have rewritten all the http:// links with https:// but the thing is now whenever I visit my site it redirects to https:// & gives a warning that my site is not secure. Why is that? Any solution? Am i doing something wrong here?

Looking forward for your help guys.



You have content on the site which is being served over http which results in a mixed content warning.


Thank you very much for the article. But I think my issue is just not about the mixed contect. Please see the attached image & I hope you will understand. TIA.


This is another screenshot from Mozila firefox.


Have you tried flushing your DNS cache? When I visit the site I see a Cloudflare certificate and the site loads.


Hi, thanks. I have checked from other computers & it’s working fine. I think it was the cache issue. :slight_smile:
Everything working fine now. Thanks.

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