SSL Certificate Issue in UAE

I am facing access issue over SSL from UAE Etisalat network. My certificate was renewed by cloudflare beginning of this month. Do you have any idea why would certain client not able to access the site over SSL.


Can you share the name of the site here? And, is there an error message that users are receiving?

Hi Cloonan,

The message the users are getting “Site can’t be reach”

However when they access the site via http:// it works but when they access https:// then they get a message that the site can be reach.

Our website is also we have a subdomain where our users access the platform Sign In – 1Clique

I am not seeing that issue and can load the page with https. You have two page rules directing to https, but you can do that on the SSL/TLS app, Edge Certificates tab, by switching on “Always use https”.

If I attempt to go to http, the page rule directs me to https at which point the page loads with ssl in place:

There are some 404 issues that are visible using Chrome -> Tools -> Developer tools, console view.

The issue is that our users that uses one particular ISP (Etisalat) cant access when using wifi. Yet if they use the mobile network of the same ISP, it works. As for other users that use the other ISP (DU), they are workin g fine. All our clients that are outside UAE use the platform with no issue.
The main issue is the is with the sub-domain Sign In – 1Clique.

Finally when visited one of our clients and ping our IP it gave us the “attached screen shot”.

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