Ssl certificate is valid for 6 months instead of 15 years


Hi! I just setted up a full (strict) ssl connection to my website
I have created the Origin Certificate through Cloudflare (valid for 15 years), and it shows, that the certificate expire at 2032-11-26

But in my browser, I see, that this certificate valid only for 6 months instead of 15 years.

Why that happens?
How to make it to be valid for 15 years?


The Origin Certificate is not the certificate served to the end-user. The certificate is supposed to be installed at your origin server so that Cloudflare can re-encrypt connection from Cloudflare to your server.

The connection from the end-user to Cloudflare is protected by Cloudflare Universal SSL. Currently issued by Comodo with the standard 6 months lifetime. Anyway, Cloudflare will automatically renew the Universal SSL certificate for your domain.


Thank you. Resolved.