SSL certificate is ok but Cloudflare can't be enable

I’m using for hosting and ther I’m having the following trouble when I try to activate Cloudeflare: “Cloudflare cannot be enabled while the SSL certificate is not verified. Cloudflare SSL certificate verification could take up to 2-6 hours.” SSL is up and running (I verifed at, just as Cloudflare’s Universal SSL is up and running. I tried to disable edge certificates and re-enable, then enabling again Cloudflare from c-panel, but still have the same problem. There’s some problem to Cloudflare connects to Hostinger server, I think. My certificates:
dig caa +short
0 issue “
0 issuewild “

Hi @viniroger,

Can you try adding DigiCert to your CAA record and disable/re-enable Universal SSL?

If it still doesn’t work, please post a screenshot of the Edge Certificates page with the pending cert expanded showing the verification method.

Hi @domjh, it was just installing the digicert CAA that in a few hours cloudflare started working again. Thank you!

No problem, glad that worked.

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