SSL Certificate is not working Sub Domain

Hi there,
We have both a Main and Subdomain. But the subdomain is not secure.
Can any help?

Here is screenshots

Hi @user168100,

I would recommend starting with this:

If you are still having issues, please provide the hostname you are having issues with ans a screenshot of the error.

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Hi @user168100,
We not frequent posters. We just been recently posting because we have several domains.

However we checked and its still showing no connected ssl.
I 'm honestly thinks about upgrading account to Enterprise just to speak to a live CloudFlare tech support representative about this SSL

Thanks trying to assist but See BOTH Screenshots. as its still not working for SubDomain after following your directive,

1. Is there a DNS record for it? YES see photo screenshot as Proof.
Check the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard to see if there is a DNS record there for that subdomain.

2. Check that the DNS ( is working correctly-IT is working correctly see photo screenshot proof.

3. Check that the subdomain is not too deep. We have checked this and the Answer is NO Domain in Not to deep.

But see Proof screenshots if you dont believe

Please don’t forget this:

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