SSL Certificate is not working 2nd Sub Domain

Hi I have a website. with 2 sub domain on CloudFlare.

The second Sub domain is showing not Secure and is reject SSL Certificate.

Can anyone please help?



The Universal SSL Certificate - the free edge certificate provided on all accounts - unfortunately doesn’t cover multiple levels of subdomains:

In order to achieve this setup, you’ll need to purchase an Advanced Certificate or upload a Custom Certificate (for Business and Enterprise plans).


You might have an issue with the SSL certificate as far as too-deep sub-domain:

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Thanks for sending this Advanced Certificate Manager documentation:

I want to know with Advanced Certificate Manager can I create Certificates for multiple domains or would I need to purchase it separately for each domain?

I have 5 domains and each of them have at least one Subdomain.

So really trying to figure out a way to have them all in all account vs having to Login to CloudFlare per each domain,

Ok so we just updated and to the Advanced Certificate Manager and added domains. But its still showing SSL not secure on the URL’s.? Can you look in this please?

Does it still show as “Initializing”?

No it doesnt say that. shows active.

Ok, this one is working:

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Use this URL: says not secure.

Also see photo attachment please because when we purchased the Advanced Certificate Manager plan we added 2 Root Domains and 2 SubDomains.

That’s a different zone. Your certificate only applies to anything under

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