SSL certificate in Pro Plan

I already have a SSL certificate on my website. I am buying CDN service to improve loading speed of website. I am looking forward to go for Pro Plan that comes with global SSL (assuming you guys call it shared SSL). So my concern is:

  1. What will happen to my current SSL?
  2. Will taking down my SSL and going with Pro Plan SSL have any effect on website performance?
  3. Pro Plan SSL, Is it good from the point of security and beneficial to website?

Thank you.

It will stay installed on your Server. CloudFlare then just sits between your Clients and your Server. To your Client anyway the origin-SSL Certificate will not be shown anymore, as the CLoudFlare SSL is getting shown.

To shown your origin SSL Certificate I think you need a BusinessPlan and use the option “Upload Custom SSL Certificate”

You really should have a SSL Certificate installed on your Webserver to use SSL-Mode “Full(Strict)” on CloudFlare. This ensures the whole traffic is encrypted.

SSL Certificates CAN impact the performance if it takes long to decrypt them. Especially for mobile devices. But I have never encountered any issues with the SSL Certificates from CloudFlare!
SSL Decryption anyway is just made once per domain at the initial lookup.

I honestly dont think it would make any difference in security if you use a Free or Pro plan for the SSL Certs.

As soon as they encrypt your data and match the current standards (see HERE) they will not make any difference.
Also: SSL Certs does not play such a big role these days as before when Google preffered Websites with EV (Extended Validation) as this also was very easy to “fake”.

So just concentrate on other things and having “Full (Strict)” activated in CloudFlare. You can easily use a Free “Lets Encrypt” SSL Certificate on your origin Server

That makes perfect sense. Also the Pro Plan is very good when it comes to the features which you get on top at 20$/month!
CloudFlare will not just improve your Performance and lower the load on your origin Server but it will also increase your Google PageSpeed Insights Value and therefore make your site rank better in Searchengines!
Have fun with CloudFlare

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