I need to issue a valid-trusted certificate for accessing internally (LAN) an MS IIS 10 Api Web site.
I have tried several time by creating/completing certificate request between IIS and Cloudflare.
But all the time certificate is not secure.
Pls advise me with creating valid certificate for the IIS.

Thank you.

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Cloudflare does not operate a trusted public certificate authority and does not issue that type of certificate which you indicated that you are seeking. Unless your traffic will always be routed through the Cloudflare proxy, you will need to direct your efforts elsewhere. Let’s Encrypt or any other public CA should suffice.

If all of your site traffic will always pass through the Cloudflare proxy, you can use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate to encrypt the traffic between your IIS host and the Cloudflare Edge. Traffic from the internet to the Cloudflare Edge is then secured using Cloudflare Universal SSL or the Advanced Certificate Manager if required.

Direct access attempts to a host using a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate will encounter an Unknown Issuer error.

You mean that if i would operate with Cloudflare certificate i should publish iis site and accessing it by dns proxied record ?

Thank you very much !!

Yes, you would need to only access your IIS site through :orange: proxied hostname if you use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.

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