SSL Certificate http to https not working



hello everyone
i add my website to cloudflare and website is active on cloudflare
but i have problem wiith ssl
i make test, and on test tool i see ssl is active but when i go to my website with https:// i see website is not secured here is the pictures

anyone to tell me where is problem


It loads securely in my browser, and it passes SSL tests at Whynopadlock. Can you show a screenshot of the Not Secure message?


yes of course


This is probably more of a DNS propagation issue, as it looks like you just added it to Cloudflare. You may have to wait 24-48 hours for it to fully propagate.


yeah i jsut added maybe one hour ago
but one week ago i add new site from cPanel and it started to work after 10 mins
idk let wait
thanks for answer, good support, good staff


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