SSL Certificate Going Wack

Hi, so lately on my website I’ve been receiving reports that they are having the Not Secure screen once they go on the site and hit the first pink link, although everything was working fine just 24 hours prior. Upon further inspection, I discovered that when checking the certificate info on the not secure screen, the certificate info was completely wrong and messed up. However, after he hit continue to site, everything was showing up as normal. Meanwhile I myself and experiencing none of these problems. Here’s my website if you want to investigate this yourself. NOTE: My SSL Certificate has NOT expired as I have created my site just 2 days ago,

Sure, because you’d need to have a certificate for it to expire :wink:

$ curl --connect-to ::[IP]
curl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ''
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That’s the proxy certificate, not your server certificate.

uhm… ■■■■

where do i wanna go to get the “server certificate” or


Probably RSA, but that depends on your web server. loaded fine for me in Edge. The certificate had a primary subject of “” with SANs of “” and “*”. and loaded fine too.

pem, pkcs, or der for key format?

Fully depends on your web server. That’s something you need to discuss with your host.

i use 000webhost. never spent a penny :smiley:

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?


That keeps your site insecure I am afraid, switch that to Full Strict.

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All right, you seem to have fixed your encryption mode and Cloudflare should be secure now.

The issue still is your server certificate. You should really fix that on your server, alternatively you can check out Redirect to, as at least your “www” host appears to be configured somewhat securely.


ok ill try…

where do i go to add a page rule