SSL Certificate - GoDaddy

Webhost: LiquidWeb
CDN: CloudFlare
SSL Certificate: GoDaddy

My GoDaddy SSL certificate is about to auto-renew, but I’m confused if I should renew the certificate or not. I hope someone can help me.

About 3 years ago I got my SLL Certificate from GoDaddy and move my website to HTTPS, all worked OK. Then about a year ago I started using CloudFlare which offers free SSL.

My question: Is it redundant to have the GoDaddy SSL or should I have both? If I have to have both, why?

I can’t find any information about my case anywhere, any information will be greatly appreciated.

No it is not. You still need your server certificate. Cloudflare’s only covers their own proxy servers and you need a certificate for your own server.

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