SSL certificate from Cloudflare/Google

Hello. Have bought domain in february 2023 at Cloudflare. Now when accesing moteevup DOT com it says that “Google Trust Services LLC” issued this certificate.

  1. What to do after may 2023, when ends that Google cert? Will it prolongate automatically?

  2. What if I will install Certbot certificate on my VPS today? Will it cause issues?

Help please

I need to clarify that I have not asked Cloudflare to issue a ssl certificate. I have only bought domain and set A and CNAME DNS records in dashboard.

This blog has details

Conversation around that here,

Yes, we have seen issues where this does not happen usually due to a record not being proxied or some random dns error.

no, having a certificate on your origin will allow you to/support changing your ssl/tls setting to Full (strict) from the current Flexible. That is a good thing. Details about ssl settings here, Encryption modes · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

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Btw, when I have opened index.php there, my web site went unprotected. Will set Certbot now.

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