SSL certificate, FREE plan doesn't work

I have a hosting from GoDaddy, I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare but it doesn’t work. It shows me under Crypto section that Universal SSL Status Active Certificate, but it doesn’t apper on my site. I set this all up like 4 days ago.

Can anybody help me?


What’s the domain?

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Add htt[s:// to the front of your URL it appears to load. On the SSL/TLS app you can force connections to HTTP by enabling Always use HTTPS.

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I also turned ON Always use HTTPS, but still nothing. I shared a link to the website you can check

Loads fine for me too

Only thing, you have “mixed content” but that does not affect the TLS connection. Search the forum here for solutions regarding mixed content.

I searched a lot and also tried a lot of things, nothing work for me. What do you mean that it loads fine for you?gggggggggg

What could I mean? :wink: The site loads, there is a mixed content issue but the site loads. Right now it does load a lot slower than before though. Thats something you’ll need to take up with your host.

It loads yes but where is the SSL certificate?

Thats a different story. Considering it does load there is a certificate (has to be) but there is no green padlock as you have mixed content (something I already mentioned three times :wink: )

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I’m sorry I’m a noob, I don’t really understand why would be a problem with mixed content. I think I’m gonna have to let someone else figure this out.

Time to warm up and get reading :wink:

The problem with mixed content is that it - as the name says - mixes content, specifically its origin, in this case HTTP with HTTPS, hence anything loaded via HTTPS is not trusted either.

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In your Wordpress admin panel goto: Settings » General and change http to https


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