SSL Certificate for Subdomain and Create Redirect


I have a website hosted with Hivebrite (, and I’m using their custom domain option so my domain (let’s call it lands on the website. They own a SSL certificate for the main domain, but it does not cover the subdomain

I’d like to have this subdomain, but the DNS provider I use, Network Solutions, doesn’t allow me to add a redirect for the subdomain.

I’ve been advised to purchase a SSL certificate for the subdomain through Cloudflare and set up a 301 redirect, but I am not familiar with this process. I would still like to keep Network Solutions as my main DNS provider for

Can someone help guide me through how to do this without ruining anything for my existing setup? Will there be a cost?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You can create your desired setup on a free Cloudflare plan. You will need to first move your DNS to Cloudflare. Afterward you can create your redirect.

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