SSL Certificate for QBit

Hey there, i have been using a qbit web ui server that i port forward from my home router and have a old computer thats running it 24/7, i recently wished to have the sweet lock symbol beside the url and have been able to accomplish everything except that of the certificate you see Cloudflare’s certificate is not trusted on chrome and i have tried letsencrypt but because its on a home router ( it doesnt validate and is not able to verify that the domain is mine.

Are there any free ssl certificate providers that dont verify and are trusted in browsers or is there another way for me to install lets encrypt for my home hosted server without it going to the router admin page

You cannot get a browser-trusted SSL certificate for a private IP. You also cannot get a browser-trusted SSL certificate for a public IP address unless you own it.

I’m unsure exactly what you are trying to achieve. Could you try explaining your setup?

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