SSL Certificate for my site

How can I know and check if my SSL Certificate is done.

Whats your domain? And also, do you have a certificate on your server? You still need that too.

my domain is and thank you for the assistance

Your Cloudflare certificate is correctly set up


But is your server certificate as well?

How can i confirm my server Certificate will it be with the host company falcoda or in my account with Cloudflare

I am not sure what you are asking. Can you rephrase that? So you do have a certificate on your server?

Assuming your server IP ends in 48 your server seems to serve your site on HTTPS - which is good - however you dont have a valid certificate. Cloudflare will still be able to connect via HTTPS (you have to use the simple “Full” version though and cant use the more secure “Full strict”).

Were can i check that out is it with the host server.

You mean the server certificate? Thats on your server.

Yes is my host provider And Sandro thank you very much for taking the time to explain all this SSL Certificate

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