SSL Certificate for Claris FileMaker Server

Hi Guys,

We are having an SSL certificate issue on our FileMaker Server. FileMaker Server requires an Intermediate Certificate or Intermediary Certificate. Anyone knows how can we get these certificate on cloudflare?

Appreciate your help.

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You don’t. The universal certificate is only between users and Cloudflare. You can try using something like an Origin CA certificate if the services takes self-signed certificates. Otherwise, you will have to use something like Let’s Encrypt to generate certificates.

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hi @Cyb3r-Jak3.

Thank you for your response, im new to this SSL settings, i dont have a background on SSL. So you mean I can just use self signed SSL on my FileMaker Server?

Depends if the software lets you use self-signed. Keep in mind that Cloudflare will return a 526 error if you use a self-signed certificate. You would have to use an origin CA certificate, as Cloudflare trusts those certificates.

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