SSL certificate expired one second -before- issued

Today i had an issue with a sub.sub.domain.tld certificate. I saw the website showed to be issued to * and was expired. I needed to remove the wildcard certificate and create a sub.sub.domain.tld certificate, now seems working for most clients… But how can it be i have a certificate from cloudflare which is expired and invalid? So one second before it was issued (today) it was set to expire…

Did you use “” to purchase a certificate? Or Are you on a BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE PLAN and uploaded your own certificate?

I’m asking because Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL certificates only support SSL for the root or first-level subdomains such as and

Third-level subdomains are not supported at all… unless you’re using the options I mentioned earlier.

Yes i have the right plan and i see the certificate is also active. The one i see has been issued by
Certum Domain Validation CA SHA2
Issued on: Sonntag. 25. September 2022 um 07:47:03
expired: Montag, 25. September 2023 um 07:47:02

very strange timeframe for a wildcard certificate i even dont see in my list on cloudflare.

The certificate was issued in 2022 and expired in 2023.

Don’t believe that is a CA Cloudflare uses. Are you sure the record is proxied? Perhaps the client is using cached DNS or an internal resolver.

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