SSL Certificate Expired & I Cannot Renew!

My site is on Cloudflare and the tech company that put it here is out of business!!! Now my site is down due to an SSL issue, who do I contact to get it back up?

Do you actually have an account on Cloudflare, or any records of any accounts being associated with any of your email addresses?

If they have had your site on their own Cloudflare account, you would be quite out of luck in regards to be “gaining” access to that account.


That said, as mentioned over in that thread, there are alternative ways to gain access to your domain(s) - literally, by starting over, - which is assuming that you still have access to the domain registrar (e.g. the place pay the yearly fees for the domain to).

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The problem is the person that moved my site to Cloudflare is out of business. I was told by someone that the reason my site is probably down is because the SSL Certificate was not renewed. I did not even know what Cloudflare was until someone else educated me on it. I tried setting up an account of my own to see if I could gain control of my site and pay whatever fee is causing me the site to be down and unreachable but that didn’t work. I’m truly stuck! … down for 7 days now and losing thousands of dollars! Literally over $30,000. Desperate to get in touch with anyone a Cloudflare to get the site bac up and running!

I hired a company to manage my site. They put it on Cloudflare without my knowledge. Now they are gone and the SSL has expired and I my site is down. I’m losing thousands of dollars, been down almost a week and just found out we are on Cloudflare. Not sure what to do, who to talk to. I need my site back up. Can anyone help me? Please>>> This has been a real nightmare. Please help.

In order to speed up any eventual assistance you may be able to retrieve, - please stick to one single thread for each individual issue.


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I completely understand your frustration, and the urge in order to get the site back up ASAP.

  1. Do you still have access to the domain registrar (e.g. the place pay the yearly fees for the domain to)?

  2. Do you have any information about the actual hosting of your website (e.g. such as AAAA and A DNS records)?

  3. Have you tried the “Forgot your email” procedure?


My url was purchased from Godaddy. That is where most of my website stuff is. The problem here is that Godaddy says that my website is on Cloudflare. The whole website and all the data. We cannot get to it because it is blocked somehow. They told me I needed to get with Cloudflare to get the site back up. I’m a novice, I don’t understand this stuff. Everything is fine when I just use one, simple, all-in-one solution like Godaddy. Since my actual site was moved off of that platform to this one I’m lost as to what DNS records means. All i know is that when you type my address into the url a message comes up that says “Welcome to nginx!” And the page is blank. How do I pay Cloudflare for the SSL to get the site back up and running?

What happens if I change these records. Will I lose the site data that is stored on Cloudflare?

And most likely, your website would be there, too.

Cloudflare typically works by putting Cloudflare in front of your website, e.g. as a middleman relaying traffic between your visitors and the origin (e.g. the server(s) holding your website and it’s data), when you have DNS records on Cloudflare with the Poxy status set to Proxied (:orange:).

When you are sending DNS requests to (sub-)domain names that are Proxied (:orange:), those records will show Cloudflare IP addresses, so that Cloudflare is able to protect and serve you.

When the Go Daddy employee (or whoever) checks what IP addresses are returned for your (sub-)domain names, they will appear to be Cloudflare IP addresses, although Cloudflare will just be a middleman in the scenario, by proxying (relaying) traffic between your visitors and the server(s) having your actual website.

Due to this, a lot of support staff out there will often claim that your website is hosted with Cloudflare, even though it typically isn’t.

As above, it likely wasn’t moved off, but solely had Cloudflare being put in front of it.

Changing DNS records aren’t directly related to website data.

However, I would still be under the impression as indicated above, that Cloudflare doesn’t hold your website’s data, but only has been put in front of the website.


Did you try that one, and check all your email addresses you have access to?

And, can you by any chance share the actual domain name this is about?


I don’t want to belittle @DarkDeviL 's help, but if you’re losing that much money, you probably want to hire someone yesterday who can solve this for you instead of working your way through customer support and forums.

You are clearly out of your depth here. While that is ok for someone who has the time and willingness to learn about all the hosting related stuff, it really isn’t a viable solution for a business that depends on this website right now.

Why do you believe that the issue is an expired SSL certificate with these symptoms?

I’d assume that the hosting company deleted your website, probably because they no longer got paid for it. This might happen if you paid the company you hired (that is now out of business), and they in turn paid the hosting company.

You should definitely check your invoices and see who you paid for your website. If you can’t find anything, you are in really big trouble.
If you can find an invoice, you should talk to the host and find out why your site isn’t working.

Cloudflare really cannot grant you access to someone else’s account, even if your website is on it. You really need to find out who is hosting your website and contact them directly to figure out what’s going on.

It was Godaddy tech support that told me my site data is on cloudflare. When all this started we had a SSL warning and we kept trying to get Godaddy to help but they could not. Finally one tech told me that my site data was on Cloudflare. I tried to hire two people and they both told me I needed to contact Cloudflare and that Cloudflare was blocking the site. They stated it had something to do with the SSL. There is apparently some public record you can look at about how the DNS is changed and that is how they can tell where my data lives…

I agree with @Laudian, considering you make a loss of about USD 4,300 every single day, I believe hiring a proper consultant (who may well cost a day’s loss) would pay off in no time. How much did these two people charge? Based on the quoted statements I’d assume somewhere in the two-digits. If they charged you more, they should refund you.

Yes, this has been very costly in time and money. As someone who does not understand how all this stuff is connected and as a business person that prides myself in customer service I am truly baffled by the technology industry where it is difficult to contact anyone in situations like mine. HOWEVER… I do truly appreciate you guys being willing to give freely of your time to try and assist. it shows your passion for what you do and that is very admirable. If you know of anyone I can trust to get me to the next stage a referral would be greatly appreciated.

I can be reached directly at