SSL Certificate Errors on Certificate Renewal

I am having an SSL Certificate problem on my hosting site. Before I join Cloudflare, my certificates were issued through my hosting site, and everything was working.

I joined Cloudflare about 3 months ago and made all of the necessary changes/updates to my DNS and the Cloudflare SSL certificate is working. No issues there.

In late October I started receiving error messages from my cPanel account about my certificate being renewed but it lacks the domains that the previous certificate secured.

Here is an example of the text:

DNS DCV: The DNS query to “cpanel-dcv-test-record…com” for the DCV challenge returned no “TXT” record that matches the value “

When I look at my cPanel to manage installed SSL Websites, I am seeing a “red” lock on all of the DQDNs EXCEPT for the mail entry. That one is green.

Do I remove this certificate completely?
If I remove it, how do I secure mail?


Do I remove the certificate and create a new one?

Thank you

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