SSL Certificate Error (Server Connection not Secured)

I am using Let’s Encrypt Free SSL on my website. The SSL working very fine. But when i activate SSL in my Cloudways cpanel and enable SSL certificate, It was showing error like: This site’s server is not secure.

What can be the solution for this?

Should i activate ssl certificate on both sides Cloudways and Cloudflare or activate only from cloudflare or cloudways.

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You need SSL enabled on both Cloudflare and your origin server. Any Cloudways questions will need to be directed to them. In your Cloudflare settings, it is important that you use Full (Strict) SSL mode.

You can easily pause Cloudflare to make sure that your origin certificate is working properly.


Thanks for your reply but I’m still facing issue in my side. Can you visit my site: gamingpillar. com

You will need to be more specific than that. Your site loads via Cloudflare for me.

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