SSL certificate error from an external subdomain redirecting to a domain that is in cloud flare

It displays this error whenever a redirect is made to a domain that is within Cloudflare.

That subdomain is not using Cloudflare name servers. It’s part of, which is using AWS name servers.

This does not sound like a proper setup at Cloudflare. Is this part of an Active zone?

Hello Sdayman, this subdomain have a CNAME to (Cloudflare)

You can’t point a non-Cloudflare CNAME to a Cloudflare orange-clouded DNS name. You have a few options but you’re going to have to talk to the owner of They can either grey-cloud the existing DNS entry, OR make a new grey-clouded DNS entry which you can then point your CNAME to, or they can give you the real IP(s) of their origin server so instead of a CNAME you can create A / AAAA records pointing to them.

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