SSL Certificate Delays - What should I do?

Hello, @ryan, I have the same issue as other users here, so here is my answers:

  1. More than 24 hours
  2. Yes, I’ve created a ticket
  3. 7 hours ago, but I don’t have ticket number because I had a typo in my email address and I didn’t get the confirmation after I created ticket… Maybe my website address may help you to find ticket? It’s
  4. Free
  5. I don’t have any errors
  6. Directly

I will be appreciate for your help!


Hey @ryan we are having similar issues - cert is stuck on authorizing.

  1. Showing “authorizing” for over 48 hours.
    2+3. Contacted support about 20 hours ago but got no reply (ticket 1541029)
  2. Free plan
  3. No errors are shown but still on HTTP without cert
  4. Signed directly

Thanks a lot for your help

I’ve opened new ticket after I changed my email address to correct one, here is a number 1541375

i have the same problem my ticket number is #1541647
please respond


Hi @sergii and @user871 - Looks like support has been in contact. Please review their latest messages and respond there for more help.

It looks like the SSL was deployed to your site but you are still showing as not secure. Have you checked for any mixed content errors?

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Hi, I have 2 sites now ( and which are both on Cloudflare on the free plan. I have changed the nameservers on both to the CF ones provided 48 hours ago. SSL has not showed up on either of them. Any help welcome. Thanks!

Looks like the :cert: for each domain has been issued and is active. The first site isn’t loading with the :lock: because it appears to be attempting to load a script from an unauthenticated source. The second one just needs to have Always Use HTTPS turned on in the dashboard.

Hello, my website is online and working but in Cloudflare panel, in crypto, it is showing authorizing certificate.

. for 2 days
. yes i have contacted support
. 2 days ago, ticket number 1541591
. Plesk servershied plus advanced
. No error
. I signed up using plesk Cloudflare extension

Does the authorizing certificate status means that there is a problem? thanks

Thanks Ryan - how would I stop the site from attempting to load a script from an unauthenticated source? Appreciate your help!

Thanks Ryan
Switched on ‘always use https’ - no result

Good morning Ryan
I have problem with authorization certificate more than 24 hours
Contact Cloudflare support a few hours ago
Ticket No. 1544643
Free plan
Your connection is not private
Directly on Cloudflare

Give Support some time to respond. They can usually take care of it. Just a few hours is on the short end of the response time scale for them.

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I wanted to know if you could help. I’m having the same issues as most of the people here. I submitted a support request #1545337

It would help if you could cut and paste the questions from the first message and answer them so Support can have more information.

How long has it been “authorizing” for?
My first request was 2 months ago, but with status never change that “Authorizing Certificate”, I change my dns to godaddy again.
Have you contacted Cloudflare support?
If you have, how long ago and what is the ticket number?
What is the plan level for the domain in question?
Free plan
What error, if any, is displaying on your site at the moment?
SSL certificate “Authorizing Certificate”
Are you signed up directly through Cloudflare or through a hosting provider/partner?

My site is

Hello Cloudflare team:

It has been more than days since I created my free account and requested a SSL certificate. The Crypto status still shows “Authorizing Certificate” for SSL.

I created a support ticket, #1545228, but it’s been 24-hours without any response. Suggestions?

Since I cannot edit my own post (lame), that should read “It has been more than 5 days since I created my free account and requested a SSL certificate”

So my site is down
Nowhere is this mentioned that this could happen… error is same as everyone here on this item. Since is summer and we are in the middle of the most important saison now i’m suddenly loosing money. If I had this warning that this could happen i would h ave never tried it. NS are trough Cloudflare. Error is same as everyone ERR_SSL_VERSIOn_OR_CYPHER_… I created a ticket (#1546557) but as I read here… free plans aren’t that important… So i’m between changing the Naseservers again so my site is back up immidiately or waiting. But waiting without any eta seems so unprofessional… please advise