SSL Certificate Chrome Red triangle Not Secure



Issue all browsers, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera display site. No green padlock shown. Edge, Firefox & Chrome warning site not secure. More than 24 hours passed.

Installed CloudFlare Flexible SSL Redirect Loop For WordPress plugin & configured according to [“”]

Cloudflare Cryto
Universal SSL Status Active Certificate

Always use HTTPS set to on
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites on
Opportunistic Encryption on

Status Active
SSL: [Flexible]

Page Rules
Always use HTTPS

Why, how can this be resolved. Thank you.


That is because your HTTPS certificate on your server is not valid for your domain. You’ll need to configure a valid one.

Alternatively, you can also tunnel eveything through Cloudflare (:orange:), though keep in mind if you let it on Flexible the connection between Cloudflare and your server will be still not be encrypted.


I still do not understand what it is you require.

What server? The hosting domain provider server?


Sure, the server where you host your site.


MS Azure – do you have tutorials to install SSL certificate for Azure WordPress site.

Thank you.


You need to set the records for and www from :grey: to :orange:. Just click the icon next to your record

Since you have a certificate installed, set SSL to “Full”. This will encrypt all traffic between Cloudflare and your servet as well.

After that you should install a valid certificate on your server. The current is issued for *


Hello Mark Meyer

I’m assuming you mean activate the below?

A record


I want to be absolutely sure I click the correct record. I understand only to well make mistakes with DNS and the consequences are unpleasant.

Thank you.


Hello @MarkMeyer

Implemented your recommendation.

Just checked and implemented.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to assist me with this issue & I’d like to wish you a fabulous weekend.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


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