SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted


SecurityMetrics scanning our website in every 4 months. So far it was okay, but the last scan failed. Please see the message from SecurityMetrics below. The certificate was renewed on 14/08/2020. Is something wrong with the renewal? It was a automatic renewal.

Is anyone can help me?

SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted

The SSL certificate for this service cannot be trusted.

The server’s X.509 certificate cannot be trusted. This situation can occur in three different ways, in which the chain of trust can be broken, as stated below : - First, the top of the certificate chain sent by the server might not be descended from a known public certificate authority. This can occur either when the top of the chain is an unrecognized, self-signed certificate, or when intermediate certificates are missing that would connect the top of the certificate chain to a known public certificate authority. - Second, the certificate chain may contain a certificate that is not valid at the time of the scan. This can occur either when the scan occurs before one of the certificate’s ‘notBefore’ dates, or after one of the certificate’s ‘notAfter’ dates. - Third, the certificate chain may contain a signature that either didn’t match the certificate’s information or could not be verified. Bad signatures can be fixed by getting the certificate with the bad signature to be re-signed by its issuer. Signatures that could not be verified are the result of the certificate’s issuer using a signing algorithm that SecurityMetrics either does not support or does not recognize. If the remote host is a public host in production, any break in the chain makes it more difficult for users to verify the authenticity and identity of the web server. This could make it easier to carry out man-in-the-middle attacks against the remote host. See also :

Purchase or generate a proper SSL certificate for this service.

Data Received
The following certificate was part of the certificate chain sent by the remote host, but it has an invalid OCSPResponse signature : |-Subject : C=US/ST=CA/L=San Francisco/O=Cloudflare, Inc./ |-OCSP Signature : Decryption Failed

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support.

Unfortunately, we do not guarantee OCSP stapling due to capacity issues (we don’t get responses/backfill OCSP settings for all zones fast enough to catch up with the sheer volume of certs we issue).

Security Metrics has confirmed that this is a false positive. Their validation mechanism doesn’t fully support OSCP stapling. Please work with your Security Metrics contact to let them know that this should be filed as a false positive.

We are working on a solution to this issue in the future, in the meantime, I recommend reviewing the PCI failure with your provider as OCSP stapling is not required for an SSL certificate to be trusted. I can also see the certificate returned for your site is trusted on all major browsers.

In the meantime, if you have further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you Justin!
I forwarded your message to Security Metrics.

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