SSL Certificate Cached

I dont use now Cloudflare because when i set Cloudflare ns then my web site redirectly for because before we used this e marketing system and they have ssl certificate to.
How can i fix it? i dont want to redirectly there.

That’s a bit confusing you mean you want to remove ssl ?

Yes because i want to use Cloudflare ssl

What’s your domain

Remove the Records what they gave .

Hi ,

I am Getting Redirected from :arrow_right: & is being protected by Cloudflare

& As i saw your website is using this Nameservers

& Your Website is using this Nameservers

& I think both the websites are not using SSL

No When i change ns with and then open ticimax page

You first need SSL on your server anyhow, so Cloudflare won’t give you anything in addition.

Is your server secure?

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