SSL certificate auto renewal free plan

Hi everyone,

I’m doing an internship in a company and they asked me to pass their web-sites on a service that provides free certificates.
What it isn’t clear to me is if with the free plan the SSL certificate will be renewed automatically or someone will have to do something, since I will no longer be in the company and here people know less than me.

I see that the certificate for the moment has a duration of three months.

Thanks in advance, I’m a newbie and any suggestion is welcome!

You don’t need Cloudflare for a certificate, Let’s Encrypt will cover that for you. Also, a company that tasks an intern with security, is a bit questionable.

Anyhow, get a Let’s Encrypt certificate and that should work. And yes, that requires renewals.

Cloudflare will only provide Origin certificates, which also require renewals and will only work in a proxied context.

I totally agree with you Sandro, unfortunately I can’t proceed in a different way, for three months i have to stay there.

Anyway thanks for your advice , I’ll check Let’s encrypt , wish you a good day

No worries, enjoy the internship nonetheless and maybe it’s just a demo task for you.

But yeah, Let’s Encrypt will be the best path forward.

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