SSL Certificate Active (Flexible) Not Working


I have a new site (, that has a currently active flexible ssl cert.


However, navigating to my site by going to https:/// doesn’t do anything. Firefox gives me an unable to connect as does Chrome. My site is a simple load balance with HAproxy (no ssl configuration) through docker-compose, and the site is live without ssl.

What is going wrong?


It’s working, but has Mixed Content.

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What he said ^^^^^

Open your site in your Browsers DevTools

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and this too

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Hmm…that’s not what I’m seeing and I don’t know why. I can fix the mixed content links of course, that’s not an issue.


Also in chrome:


…and also in Safari - which I haven’t used for development and I know for sure has no caching issues.


I’ve also just tried an incognito chrome window with the same result.


That all looks like a DNS issue. Do you have a local hosts file? Can you connect using a mobile device?


i need to charge my phone but ill check on that when i can.

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