SSL certificate active but not enabled when i check

Hello, and thanks for the help in advance.
I’m facing a problem which is that my advanced SSL certificate is active, whereas when I test my domain I find that the subdomain isn’t secure and the domain is still using the universal SSL certificate. However, I have disabled the universal certificate several times as well. I have disabled the proxy DNS and nothing works. I would be so appreciative if someone could assist me with this.

If you have the same issue when the request is not going through Cloudflare then it is not a Cloudflare issue. You need to make sure there is an SSL certificate on your server.

Thank you for replying

No there’s no SSL on the server. When I make test for the website ssl certificate I find that the default SSL still enables and then advanced one does not work on the domain. So can you please tell me which side is responsible about this issue. Because there’s no SSL on my domain hoster.

I’m so grateful for your assistance. and many thanks. I found that the Cloudflare name server isn’t active on my domain provider, and I have activated it. It will take some time until the change takes over the website. So I think at that time, the problem will be solved. Many thanks Cyb3r-Jak3.

As was already mentioned earlier, you need a certificate on your server. If you don’t have one, you have a security issue and an insecure site, @quqas.moh

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