SSL certificate 3 months or 12 months?

I have 4 domains on my Cloudflare account. All four domains use Cloudflare as the domain registrar (I had them transferred) and all four domains use the same hosting. I used exactly the same SSL settings on Cloudflare for each domain, and there are no SSL settings on the hosting cPanel for any of the domains.

The first three all use the default Cloudflare SSL certificates, and the details read as follows:
Issued to
Issued by Cloudflare Inc ECC-CA3

Valid from: to: (is one year)

However, two weeks ago I added another domain.

This domain’s SSL certificate reads as follows:

Issued to *(
Issued by R3 (Let’s Encrypt)
Valid from: to: (3 months)

Questions - 1) Why is the most recent domain using Let’s Encrypt? 2) How can I use a Cloudflare 1 year SSL on my new domain?


  1. It’s somewhat random which you’ll get. 3 Months is actually better.
  2. You certainly can with ACM, but I don’t think that’s worth the $10/month. Because…

…from the user’s point of view, there’s no additional work involved since Cloudflare auto-renews in either case.

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