SSL certifcate issuance

Hello Team,

We have a domain registered under the name and we have been told that the SSL certificate issuer is you.
Could you please inform me on how to get of a copy of this certificate? What information would you need from us in order for you to send a copy of the certificate?

I look forward to hear from you.

Thank you in advance,

I assume you are talking about the proxy certificate and not your server certificate. In that case, what is it you need? The certificate or the private key? If it is the former, you can easily download it yourself, that is publicly available information. The latter always stays on the proxies and it not available, unless you brought your own certificate in which case you already have everything in the first place.

With that domain belonging to Ernest and Young, I would assume you are not just on the Free plan. Are you possibly on the Enterprise plan? If so, your assigned customer contact is the best contact for such questions.

Which plan are you on and what exactly do you want to achieve?

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