SSL Certicate doesn’t work on custom mapped domains in WordPress MultiSite.

Hello All,

I am running a website as WaaS for my clients locally, it is working perfectly fine apart from the SSLs that don’t work on the customers mapped domains to the subdirectories. To put it in perspective here is the structure of it:

When the customer subscribes, he/she gets a subdirectory under the main domain. Example:

If this user decides to get a domain for his/her subdirectory to give it more legitimacy, the user has only to map his new domain name to that subdirectory from the admin panel provided to him/her, in which that user has went through the dns configuration domain and it has been added to cloudflare.

I am not sure what went wrong even though I have followed the same instructions provided by some online users that went through same thing and it worked for them but not me.

Can someone help me out solve this issue please.

Thanks in advance.