SSL Cert vs Hosting - NameServers

Hi there,

I added nameservers to attain SSL cert but my hosting is currently on AWS - I added your nameservers in addition to AWS’ nameservers. However, I am not sure if this will work inside Godaddy (please see attachment).
If I do only add Cloudflare name servers, what will happen to my website’s hosting?

I want to make sure I’ve added these nameservers in correctly for SSL on Cloudflare & Hosting on AWS, or if adding Cloudflare nameservers only means my hosting & SSL will direct to Cloudflare then open to that too.

Thank you for anyone’s help in advance!!

You need to use only Cloudflare name servers, or you’re going to have problems.

You would need to copy your DNS settings from AWS into Cloudflare too.


Thanks heaps! Ok I will change that in Godaddy.

  1. If I didn’t import AWS into Cloudflare - is there a way to set up Cloudflare hosting instead?
  2. If I do import AWS hosting, is this the resource to follow? IMPORT FILE ZONE TO Cloudflare?

I just redid the nameservers as per your advice and it’s completely functioning! Does this mean I can delete my AWS hosting account? And my website is now hosted on Cloudflare through the domain nameservers

Cloudflare is not a hosting company

I see. The website seems to be working fine - I hadn’t connected AWS to Cloudflare though?

AWS is hosting provider whereas Cloudflare is your dns provider were you enter ip address that get by AWS

Awesome thanks so much.
I haven’t entered AWS into Cloudflare, but the website is already up and running after redirecting DNS from Cloudflare to Godaddy.

Would I have to connect AWS into Cloudflare eventually? And if so - is there a resource for this to follow?

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