SSL Cert on subdomain not working

I recently added my domain to the free platform and had SSL enabled. I have a but then i also have a The first URL is working fine however; when visitors try and see the subdomain it’s getting an SSL missmatch error. If you try and move past the error, it leads to a 404 requested resource not found error.

I know the site is good as it works behind my firewall so i’m missing something in Cloudflare. The diagnostics froze up and I can’t really find anything useful in the help center. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Was the subdomain working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

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Yes - it was working before I cut the domain over.

Please post the actual hostname so we can test it.

Sure. They are on different physical servers and different SSL certs (Digicert).

The affiliates hostname is not :orange: Proxied by Cloudflare. You’d have to click on the :grey: in the DNS list to change that.

Oh man you’re right - totally overlooked the obvious. I’m not sure how that happened because the DNS records existed when I migrated it. Owell, easy fix! Thank you.

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