SSL Cert not working on Subdomain

I’m having issues using the Origin Cert on one of my Subdomains on a site hosted with cPanel. currently redirects to the Cert works correctly on the top level domain, but on the subdomain it’s not working.

I’ve set this up on another domain without issues using the same method but I can’t seem to fathom this one out.

I’ve set Cloudflare in Strict mode and added a page rule to enforce https. There shouldn’t be any legacy https attributes in cPanel as I believe i’ve removed all of these, I just seem to be constantly getting Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER within firefox and NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID in Chrome.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated SSL Labs and whynopadlock are showing without issue.

That subdomain is working for me. Are you sure you’re connecting to Cloudflare for that subdomain? A local hosts file might have you going direct to origin.

Oh Brill,

I’ve tried on Mobile, Different Browsers, Multiple machines… However they’ve all accessed the site before any change was made. But still getting the same errors after DNS Flush, Cache Clear… This laptop however is using OpenDNS so I wonder if its that caching stuff.

Do you know how long generally for the typical end user it’ll take to refresh if they’re going direct?

Worst case DNS is 48 hours.


Thanks for testing & Replying!

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