SSL cert not Renewing not working because SSL certificate expired and not renewing.

Is your server IP address X.X.X.67? If so, there’s a general SSL issue, not only with Cloudflare. You also do not seem to have a certificate on the server. That’s something your host would need to fix.

Can you post a screenshot of

All right, that’s okay.

Can you disable Universal SSL at the bottom of, wait ten minutes, and then enable it again?

Can you also confirm that the IP address you configured is not X.X.X.67?

That is the correct IP address configured

With 67?

yes. Is there an issue with that?

Yes, I am afraid there is. There is the general security issue I mentioned earlier.

You best pause Cloudflare - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs - and talk to your host to have the site itself secured, as the server does not seem to have a certificate either.

You can get a certificate from Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs.

I fixed the host certificate issue and everything works fine when Cloudflare is paused but when turned back on it doesnt work.

Excellent, yes, the server is working fine now.

Have you tried disabling Universal SSL as I mentioned?

yes. disable for 10 min then re-enable

And it still lists the certificate expired as in your screenshot?

yes still

Could you hover over the error message? Sometimes it mentions more details.

That’s not very descriptive either, especially because it’s the managed certificate, so there’s nothing to upload.

I assume something got stuck. @simon, anything you can do on your end? Thanks. Domain is and it seems Cloudflare does not want to renew the Universal certificate. Domain should be configured all right.