SSL Cert in AWS that is non proxied

We just migrated our DNS to Cloudflare. We have SSL cert installed in AWS Certificate Manager that need to be renewed. These certs are being implemented in loadbalancers in AWS which is running fine now.

DNS records are pointing directly to AWS ELB without proxy. We would like to continue it this way if possible.

However, I am not sure if we need to buy the new SSL cert from Cloudflare or continue buying it from a third party SSL seller. Prefer if we could use Cloudflare to reduce the number of service providers. Can I know which is the correct cert to use? There are Edge certs, Origin Certs and Client Certs. After doing a lot of reading, seems like there are no certs that is suitable for our use case?

user web browser --------Non proxy cloudflare DNS-------> AWS Load balancer -----> website

Hope that simple diagram above can explain it better.

Correct. Cloudflare does not sell SSL certificates, and if you are not using the proxy then none of the certificates provided by Cloudflare are relevant to you.


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