SSL Cache?

I have a website: that is currently working, but not secured. It was hosted with WP Engine, now it’s on another host, It was on Cloudflare for both hosts.

I changed the A Record to the new host, I have also changed the AAAA record to the new host. Normally, this takes all of 5 minutes to transfer over, after 30 minutes I was annoyed so cleared all caches, purged all WordPress cache on old site, logged into WP Engine and cleared all their caches. I put Cloudflare into Development mode, waited an hour, it was still showing the old site.

I then turned off the orange cloud in DNS and it shows the new live site (same IP address). Obviously, I get https and SSL errors when loading, I then cleared all caches again, waited an hour, and turn on the orange cloud. Within 5 minutes, the old site is back and secured properly. (same IP).

I then left it 24 hours like this with the new IP address set and orange cloud live. It still shows the old site, the old site loads every page and interactive fully. I purged all caches again and it still shows. As soon as I turn the cloud grey the new site shows.

Is there such thing as SSL cache, or is there a missing cache I am not clearing? why when I turn the cloud orange it goes back to the old site like it has an IP memory.

I’ve done this 30-50 times and never had an issue, now all of a sudden for the life of me I cannot purge this thing.

What should I do now?

Just as a note, here is my config:
SSL Mode: Flexible
(I’ve tried disabled Universal SSL for 30 minutes to see if this would help) currently on
Origin Pull: Off
Browser Cache TTL: 30 minutes
Network: HTTP3 on
IPv6: On
Rules: All Rules are disabled for testing

I’ve currently got both clouds for IPv4 and IPv6 set to grey so the new site is loading.

Please secure it before :orange: Proxying the site through Cloudflare.


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