SSL Cache: I need to clear the SSL cache in Cloudflare

I have a issue with new Wordpress 5.3 update. After installation I can’t see images anymore (logo, images product, etc). I tried to disable all caches, to disable Claudflare too or to disable all plugins, but nothing change.

I read this post, it’s my same problem: Images source (unknown) and not showing after upgrade to 5.3 |

Here they said to try to delete SSL cache. Can you help me or tell me or to do that pls?
thanks in advance

SSL doesn’t store website data. Ah, that post means to clear the general cache. This is in the Cloudflare Dashboard under Caching. You can Purge Everything.

If you’d like us to take another look, post your domain name and we can see why those images aren’t showing.

p.s. All my WordPress sites are up to 5.3 now and I haven’t run across this issue, so I’m curious as to what’s broken.

Hello, thanks for the answer.

Yes i was thinking about it already, the problem is I already tried to purge all caches ( i use Hummingbird plugin) also in Cloudflare.

Yes I updated already other Wp websites to 5.3 version without problem too. I can’t explain the issue.

I restored the backup now with 5.2 cause I need website will work fine, how I can show you the problem?

Duplicate it into a staging/development site and upgrade it to 5.3.

yes, thanks.
I will and I will post the url.

Hello, here is the copy of the website after 5.3 update. Images like logo, images product or page images are not showing anymore. No errors in console, just you can fine url image like unknown in the code.

cleared all caches, disabled hummingbird

Pls give some good news how to solve this, :slight_smile: thanks

The src attribute is blank. And considering that the “test” site is not going through Cloudflare, it has something to do with your site’s configuration.

Yes I noticed that Cloudflare now doesnt have effect. But what to do? Before of upgrade src atribute worked fine and after not. I didn’t change anything in configuration. Images disappeared without reason. If I want to upload again logo image, it doesnt show the same.

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