SSL cache configuration


I have deployed the cloudfare ssl for my site and accessing the application through the URL. It works perfectly fine and my issue here is when i try to access the application with SSL i face slowness in response time and the request is not in cache also. The next time i made the same request and again the request takes long time rather than being taken from the cache.

So how enable the cache in cloudfare.


Here is some information about caching at Cloudflare that will most likely answer your question.

How can I tell if Cloudflare is caching my site or a specific file?

If you do not see the CF-Cache-Status header at all in the response, that means Cloudflare is not even attempting to cache this URL. Cloudflare’s caching configuration is deliberately quite cautious and will only cache what are typical static files - meaning images, javascript & stylesheets for example - for a full list take a look here:

What file extensions does Cloudflare cache for static content?

This can easily be extended to cache HTML (or other types of files) by using page rules:

How do I cache static HTML?

Page rules can control caching in a number of ways as well as other Cloudflare features, there’s a really good in depth tutorial on page rules here:

Is there a tutorial for Page Rules?

If you are seeing an issue with a response from our cache that you believe is incorrect, the first thing to do is to purge the cache either for your entire website or for the specific URL:

How do I purge my cache?

If the issue still occurs you should try checking the response from your origin directly to see if the issue is actually caused by your server. You can pause Cloudflare temporarily to check the response from your origin:

Gathering information to troubleshoot site issues - Temporarily pause Cloudflare

Finally, if you’ve followed all of these steps and still need assistance, please share here a specific resource that is having the problem.

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