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Basically, I’ve changed the SSL Mode from Flexible to Full and the website went nuts, everything is all over place and mixed up. I ditched the CA installed in my cPanel and installed the Cloudflare one, I’ve enabled the HTTPS Rewrites, Edge Cert (Universal) is also in place and active. Also created the Client cert although not really sure whats it doing. Am I missing anything else?

Client cert is for mTLS (the connecting client presenting a cert to the origin), and will do nothing on its own without you configuring your clients to use it/a firewall rule to require it. That’s fine though, you don’t need it for your setup.

It sounds like you are going in the right direction, setting up Cloudflare’s Origin CA Cert on your origin, switching to Full (Strict), and enabling Always Use HTTPS/HTTPS Rewrites. It’s hard to say what is broken without any information on the error you are getting. What is your domain, and the exact error you get?

I wonder if it takes time for these changes to apply? Been on Cloudflare for a month now after setting up the DNS stuff. A week ago I’ve decided to switch to Full instead of what I had, but ran into the same mixed up webpage issue.
Today I had some time read the manual topics and got a little better understanding, so just today I created the Origin Cert and swapped the one I had in my cPanel.
Always Use HTTPS < and > Automatic HTTPS Rewrites are both ON. I wonder if I missed something?
Also you mentioned errors, am I supposed to get any? Nothing on the web part, although not sure if it logs anything on Cloudflare.

Most Cloudflare Settings apply within a few minutes max. DNS Records can take longer to propagate.
You’re getting a mixed content warning? Automatic HTTPS Rewrites can only rewrite links in the html. If you have insecure links in your javascript/css, it can’t fix those.
I’m confused about what your actual issue is, as you’ve only described that “your website went nuts, everything is all over the place and is messed up”. Can you give the URL of a page that has something wrong with it?



Alongside the issue you’re facing, I recommend you to set the SSL to Full Strict. Here’s why:

My apologies. By mixed content I meant that the pages content is misplaced, pictures are bigger, no background, links are partially broken, CSS/JS are no longer working basically.
Switching back to Flexible and everything works as intended.

Cant upload more than 1, so heres more if it helps

I’ve double checked all of these steps and they are in place.
I did try to reach out to Cloudflare support team but was redirected here to use the forum instead.

As Chaika already asked:

Everything else is just guesswork.

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Maybe, but somebody at least one person has to know what could be wrong, cant believe noone here has ever had the same issue. Though I do not see posting the URL would do any good, nor anyone would be able to access it since all the countries are blocked except for only one.

The #CommunityTip suggests this:

More info here.

What do you mean by that?

This could be related to anywhere. Without having a sufficient information of the domain from you, as @Laudian said, could be:

I mean that I have a rule set up which blocks all countries from entering the site except for one, hence that is why I said

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Plenty of people had and it’s always the same issue. An incorrectly configured server.

There really is not more to say than what @Chaika and @neiljay already wrote.

Afraid this didn’t fix anything, that just made your site insecure.


I’m well aware.

Thats the thing, if its incorrectly configured (which I doubt, but even if there is something else, I’ve been asking what might it be from the beginning). I did mention the settings I have enabled, provided a few screenshots, which are a bit unclear yes but thats how the website looks once its set to Full.
I’m attaching the photo of the Origin cert installed in my cPanel. I’m getting the SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN error but I have looked it up and almost all solutions say that there is nothing to be worried about, since cloudflares’ cert may also be untrusted & have some validation problems.

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