SSL autorenewal fail


So I recently began to use CDN Cloudflare for my website and now my autorem=newal for SSL is not going through. I’ve contacted my hosting company and they say it’s cloudflare. How can I renew this?

Can you give us some more infos about your CloudFlare configuration and which services exactly you have enabled?

can you check this out? does this inform?

Do you have any BotFightMode on?
Can you also provide a Errorlog from your application thats trys to set up a new SSL Cert?

May I ask if you have tried:

  1. Switching :orange: A www and A (or if you have a CNAME) records at Cloudfalre DNS dashboard temporarly to :grey: cloud
  2. Start an AutoSSL or run the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewing process at your host/origin.
  3. If success, switch back from :grey: to :orange: cloud to make sure your web traffic is being proxied via Cloudflare.
  4. Make sure you have Full SSL selected at SSL tab/settings page for your domain at Cloudflare dashboard.
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