SSL Authenticated Origin Pulls failed

SSL Authenticated Origin Pulls failed at 14:59:26 PM CST 10 April 2020

I turned off ssl_verify_client in nginx, everything getback normal.

so, is there a service outage?

I turned on Authenticated Origin Pulls for about one month,

until now it’s work fine,

the problem occurs,

if I do not turned off ssl_verify_client in nginx, the page will be

400 Bad Request

Are you sure you have the right certificate from configured? What does your server log say?

thank you for the reply ,and I found the problem.

the vps host changed my vps from one node to another, and the hardware clock of the new node is not sync to ntp, and not set to correct time.

when my vps rebooted it synced the hardware clock ,back to Aug 2019, the gap between the clock and the real time is too big, ntpd can not sync the system clock.

then the problem occurs.

my bad ,I did not realize the timestamp is wrong in the nginx logs,

The certificate in question is only valid from October 2019, so in this case it will fail as the certificate is seemingly not valid yet.

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