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Good afternoon, we have a problem with accepting payments from PayPal error code Unprocessable_entit, most likely it is associated with ssl, the fact that previously we had installed and purchased ssl certificate from another company, when you disable Universal SSL site stops working, tell me how to connect ssl previously purchased

Any SSL you purchased goes on your origin server. Universal SSL is what provides the certificate used by the Cloudflare proxy. You need both.

If you want to use your purchased certificate on the Cloudflare proxy as well as your origin, you will need to add Custom Certificates to your domain. It is available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Please note that it is unlikely that feature will resolve whatever issue you are having with PayPal. Have you contacted their support? If so, what have they shared with you?

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Thank you for your response!

The error Unprocessable_entit occurred immediately after connecting cloudflare with payment acceptance from PayPal, please tell me how it can be fixed, I did not find any additional information.

You need to reach out to PayPal support like the error instructs. It is certainly possible that there is something you need to adjust in your Cloudflare settings, but there isn’t enough data in what you have provided to know what, if any.

Okay, thank you.

Once you have more information from PayPal support, be sure to return here with those details if you need help with any specific Cloudflare settings.

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