SSL and HTTPS from Cloudflare dont take

I can’t create ssl-cert from Cloudflare and can’t enabled rewrites from http to https.
I change dns-types in register (

What happens when you try to turn on SSL?

I turn on this:

  • Always use HTTPS
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
  • And create Pages Rules to redirect from http to https.

At the very top of the page in the SSL section, do you have it set to Flexible or Full? If so, what is the Status in that section? It should say something like “Active”

I have set full

And…on the Crypto page, what is the Status in the SSL section?

What’s your domain?

It works for me in Chrome…but it looks like you have minimum SSL set to 1.3. I could be wrong, but check the Crypto page for the Minimum TLS version. It should be 1.2 or 1.1.

I’ve not seen such inconsistent results from SSL tests. WhyNoPadlock hates it, and Qualys says it’s not trusted.

If Minimum TLS is good, then your next step would be to delete the certificate and try again. At the bottom of the Crypto page, use the Disable Universal SSL option to kill that certificate. Wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. Then make sure SSL is set to Full. If all that doesn’t fix it, then open a Support ticket.

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