SSL and HTTPS are not working

I have set up Cloudflare but the SSL is not shown (already set SSL/TLS encryption as FULL). Also, it not redirect to HTTPS (already enable “Always use HTTPS”).

My website is

FYI, I checked site information in the Chrome (and other browsers), it’s showing the previous expired certificate.

I also checked online tool like It shows the site is on Cloudflare and have a valid Cloudflare certificate. But I still couldn’t see it in my browser.

Hope someone can help please.

It could be browser cache. Try clear your browser cache and try again.

I can’t replicate this issue from my side. It’s redirecting.

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Thanks for your prompt response. It’s very strange. I have been kept testing for many hours but it was still not working. But it’s woking now.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

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Sorry, I am afraid the issue hasn’t fixed or recurred again. Yesterday, it was showing secured after your response. But today, it’s showing not secure again. Please check screenshot.

Secure for me.

Can you try and let us know what the “colo” line says?


Try to click the “Not secure” button and see whether it says “Your connection to this site is not fully secure” or “Your connection to this site is not secure”?

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Thanks for your prompt response. shows 404 page but it says “You are not securely connected to this site”.

Also thanks for your prompt response. In Chrome, it says “Your connection to this site is not secure”. I have cleared cache already.

I found one thing. It shows secure if I use VPN for any region including my region. If I disconnect VPN, it becomes not secure. Any idea?

This is weird. @sdayman any ideas?

Thanks @erictung. I just found a topic similar to my issue.

@sdayman said something about that’s a DNS issue that’s going to take some time for your ISP to catch up.

But how long does it take for ISP to catch up?

I suspect one thing: the DNS resolver you are using is having outdated DNS records, so basically when you access the site, the DNS resolver returns the real IP address instead of the updated Cloudflare IP address.

To verify this, you can try to ping from your command prompt and see what IP you get.

After that, you can change your DNS resolver to something like or

It depends. So it’s better to switch to a faster DNS resolver like


Got it. Thanks a lot for both of @erictung and @sdayman help!


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