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Right now we’ve set up the free version of Cloudflare and it seems to be doing a great job on our website.
However, we have an EV certificate and it seems like we would require the business plan in order to use it ( We’re a startup so $200 monthly are unaffordable for us right now ).
Is there no alternative, such as buying just the custom SSL?
In the other hand, I was wondering, would my website work in China? If so, would it even work when Captcha challenge is ON?

Thank you for your time!

I am a user in China. There do have a delicate SSL certificate can be bought through ’ Crypto’ panel, it’s 5$ per website.
Using CF in China is avaliable. Everything will work fine. But the Google Captcha will be unavailable.

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Hi @jnperamo,

Currently, to use a custom certificate you do need the business plan. If you want the certificate to show as issues to your domain and not to Cloudflare, then you can get a dedicated certificate, but it is not EV.

Personally, I don’t think EV is necessary, but if you want to use it - I believe you would need the business plan option.

I don’t see a reason why not - I don’t think you get access to China datacenters unless on an Enterprise plan, but it should still work.

I believe users in China receive a captcha from Baidu, not Google - but not 100% on this.

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I see, if that’s the case, unfortunately we won’t be able to use Cloudflare, it would be a waste of EV as we already have it.
For some reason I thought there was an option for us to upload a custom cert for $5 a month, I guess I was confused.
Thank you for your help.

The $5 is a custom certificate issued to your domain by Cloudflare. It is not EV and you would need a business plan to upload your own. Sorry about this - if you really want EV then there is not a lot else you can do if you want to use Cloudflare

Okay, then we may consider the EV as the post that you send does not lie at all.
Regarding payments:
Can we pay annually?
If, captcha and Javascript are passed by bots and my site goes down, does Cloudflare provide further help besides rate limit?
Thank you!

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