SSL and Certificate Active but not green in browser


I have my SSL status active and on the flexible option. When I see it in the browser it says the connection is not fully secure.


Some of the images on your page are not loaded through HTTPS, meaning you have mixed content issue.

See also on how to fix this.

Also, it looks like links to http content are referenced in your JS and CSS files, which Automatic HTTPS Rewrites will not fix. You’ll likely need to manually change the http:// to https:// or // in those files on your origin server. Contact your web host if you don’t have access to your origin’s css/js files.

@martin2 @Judge. Brilliant. All fixed now. Thank you!!!

i have the same problem in my website

Loads fine for me.

I had to change ssl certificate because it was not working well, and now it’s all good

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