SSL and Cert setup properly, but cert chain not trusted

I use the free SSL generated for my domain with Universal certificate enabled, however browsers don’t detect it as trusted.
Here’s what the sslcheck says:

I figured the free SSL would still be trusted since it’s issued by Cloudflare. Is this not the case?

Thank you

That’s essentially a Cloudlfare self-signed certificate that’s only recognized by Cloudflare’s proxy servers when they connect to your site.

Their Support document explains the cert and has a warning at the end:

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Adding more info:
Your subdomain isn’t going through Cloudflare, so that’s why the Origin certificate is showing up in an SSL scan, rather than Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate, which is signed by…Digicert?

I suspect you’re not using Cloudflare because your service is using Port 5009, which can’t be proxied by Cloudflare.

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